• Phone : 011 826 1497
  • Opening Time : 8:00am-5:00pm
  • Address : 1 Miranda Road, Witfield, 1467 Boksburg, Gauteng

East Rand Christian Academy (Est. in 1986).

For over 29 years (Since 1986), East Rand Christian Academy (ERCA) has been serving students and their families in the Ekurhuleni Local Municipality area.  Hundreds of students have enjoyed their school career at our school, learning to read, write, debate issues, partake in sporting activities and finally obtain their Grade 12, Christian Education Certificate, (CEC) graduation. Our students get educated at our school in a secure, caring, disciplined, ethical and Biblical foundational environment.

Our graduates of the past have been successful University graduates that have become skilled employees in the South African workforce. We are a government subsidised private school that uses the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum. This curriculum allows students to work at a self-determined (monitored) pace and hardworking students can do more than a specific Grade in one year.

The ACE curriculum is based on a lot of self-study and self-assessment. Study guides are called PACE’s (Packets of Accelerated Christian Education) and it forms the basis of this curriculum. The Educator (Supervisor) gives personal and one-on-one training to students when needed and also marks the final PACE test.

The pass mark for the final PACE test is 80% and should a student fail to attain this mark, the whole PACE is repeated. Our students learn to work hard and are taught from young to do a lot of self-study and to be self-disciplined. The educators and their assistants, monitor the students’ progress on a daily basis and assist where required.

East Rand Christian Academy (NPO Reg. No. 1993/004721/08), is the Mother Company and in the past few years its progeny expanded in such a fashion that East Rand Christian Academy is now trading as:

  • Destiny Kidz Nursery School and After Care Centre, (3 month old babies to 5 year olds)
  • Destiny Christian Academy, (Grade 0 to Grade 7)
  • Destiny International Academy (Grade 8 to Grade 12):

  • In 2019 we are taking on the General Education Development Certificate that will allow our Grade 12 students to leave our school. As per our discussion at the 2016 AEE Administrator’s Conference, the International Certificate in Christian Education (ICCE) is no longer an option and efforts to get the ICCE authorised in SA was abandoned. It was decided that ACE Schools will opt for the General Education Development Diploma (GED). The GED was designed for adults over the age of 16 who haven’t earned a High School Diploma. The GED is an alternative to NSC Graduation. The GED is accepted by all SA Universities and also Globally.

    Our Mission:

    “To provide quality, ethical, and biblical education: Striving for excellence in the academic, social, and spiritual development of our students.

    Studying to show ourselves approved as workmen to produce and equip future leaders of our country. Sowing into the lives of the youth of our community by building character, based on Biblical principles.”

    According to ACE (AMERICAN COUNCIL OF EDUCATION) , the national organization that oversees that GED exams, about 95% of USA Colleges and Universities accept the GED credential in place of a High School Diploma as of 2011. Destiny will award the GED as a High School equivalency diploma or certificate. Our students will thus first do the NSC that will be a NATIONALLY accepted exit certificate. The GED will follow and exams can be written in the same year and both Exit qualifications can be obtained in one year (Grade 12).

    Our Science Laboratory has been inaugurated by the Professor in Applied Sciences at the University of Johannesburg, and our brand new Biology Laboratory is now ready for use.

    1. RLA – (Language)
    2. Mathematical reasoning
    3. Science
    4. Social studies

    GED EXAMS: In addition to multiple choice questions and short-form answers, the test also includes extended response question-and-answer formats. Individuals considering taking the GED test need to study. Education Centres (AEE Head Office) offer prep-courses, and students may also buy study books or find free practice exams and questions on-line. The GED credential does not mean that your post-secondary education/certificate is no longer an option. AEE will report on the formation of Exam Centres in RSA. There are currently 2 800 authorised exam centres across the World.